Selah House is a Christ centered organization established in the red light district in Tijuana Mexico.

Our mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth through worship and prayer, and spread Gods word and His love with the girls that work in the sex industry.

Selah is a house of worship, committed to worshiping God in every way possible, through songs and music but also displaying His love, building relationships of trust that lead to friendships, especially in the red light district.

Get Involved with One of Our Ministries...
  • We have worship teams volunteering their time just by taking a set in our schedule.
    This could be weekly, monthly, or bimonthly. If you play an instrument and would like to take a set, we can do that as well.
    Dancers, artists, are also a huge part of worship
  • If you are a leader in your church
    this is the perfect place to release Gods presence.
    You can also come with your friends or by yourself
  • We are open to receive teams from different ministries to minister on the streets with the Selah team
    You can also be a part of the selah street reach which we do once a week. This team is also in charge of making the bags and preparing the food that will be given away.
    release the kingdom together
  • Every time we are getting ready for the next woman's event
    we need people to help us to set up the place, decoration, tables, cooking, worship, etc.
    your time or your money
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